Leverage Spinnaker to deploy with more consistency, automation and safety.

Enterprises are adopting a multi-cloud strategy to avoid vendor lock-in, achieve higher availability of applications and meet specific workload or application requirements. This approach puts additional pressure on DevOps teams to manage diverse environments.
For example, applications may be deployed in a local data center running OpenStack or Kubernetes, staging environment provisioned in Amazon EC2, and production environment configured in Google Kubernetes Engine.

Spinnaker is a tool that enables both developers and operators to accelerate application deployment. Irrespective of the target environment, it ensures the following:

  • Enable repeatable automated deployments captured as flexible pipelines and configurable pipeline stages.
  • Provide a global view across all the environments that an application passes through in its deployment pipeline.
  • Offer programmatic configuration and execution via a consistent and reliable API.
  • Be easy to configure, maintain, and extend.
  • Be operationally resilient. 
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