The Case for an Open Source Approach to Software Delivery

The increase in cloud adoption has given way to improved operational efficiencies and reduced overall IT costs. However, as companies move in droves to the cloud, the risks of vendor lock-in become more pronounced. It’s easy to get locked in to both development tools and cloud environments without realizing it, but doing so can put your business at risk, make it more difficult to optimize your application performance, and make you hostage to cloud providers’ pricing.

This ebook provides you with a primer on the ramifications of vendor lock-in and strategies to ensure your code and data aren’t tethering you to anyone.

Download this ebook to learn:

  • How vendor lock-in can create significant business risk and stifle innovation
  • The benefits of a multi-cloud strategy and how it can help you better serve customers
  • Why an open-source approach to software delivery can help accelerate innovation while attracting top talent
  • Practical and actionable strategies to help you avoid vendor lock-in
  • How Armory and Spinnaker can automate software delivery across multiple clouds
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