Many organizations are moving towards a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) model. The goal of CI/CD is to deliver software in as automated a way as possible, eliminating some of the complexities and bottlenecks associated with manual or batched delivery. Many companies who move to CI/CD choose to utilize Spinnaker, an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform that helps you release software changes with high velocity and confidence. The benefits of moving to CI/CD with Spinnaker include:

  • Common, multi-cloud software delivery
  • Fast customer feedback loops
  • Increased transparency and visibility
  • Early issue detection and fixes
  • Increased productivity and job satisfaction

Download this ebook to get a blueprint from Armory on how to approach Spinnaker adoption in your organization. Learn simple and straightforward steps to identify the current state of software delivery in your organization, secure alignment for moving towards CI/CD, and see how a customer followed the blueprint to a successful Spinnaker implementation.

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