Leverage Open Policy Agent (“OPA”) and Spinnaker to build better guardrails for your teams. Today, Spinnaker gives developers and users a great deal of control across their software delivery pipeline and infrastructure for their apps. While there is a strong desire to achieve service-ownership, the central DevOps teams will not hand over full control until there are compliance guarantees in place. This causes bottlenecks in adoption because any changes to Spinnaker, such as adding applications & pipelines, must go through a central team. With the launch of Policy Engine we are adding the glue to clear up the bottleneck. This allows teams to use OPA to easily implement policies for a more secure software delivery pipeline.


  • How the integration with OPA allows teams to move faster
  • How to define policies
  • How to implement and maintain policies
  • Best Practices for using OPA with Spinnaker.


lee faus

Lee Faus
Sales Engineer

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